Monkey Pod Bar

This Monkey Pod eating bar was built for a custom kitchen in Spreckelsville, Maui. The tree was harvested in Wailea in 2009. The tree was then processed into 2″ slabs and dried for 2 years to stabilize the wood. This curing of the wood makes it stable and consistent so after the new project is completed, the piece remains solid and predictable for generations to enjoy.

Handmade Monkeypod Kitchen Island

Hand Made Monkey Pod Kitchen Island

This is truly a one of a kind top. The kitchen eating bar was specified by the kitchen designer, owner and contractor. The kitchen templates are a first step to ensure a perfect fit. The Monkey pod slabs were cut out of matching slabs (book matched) to mate the two pieces as closely as possible so grain, figure and color all work together to ensure a beautiful top. Any owner could be proud to share good times with friends on this eating bar or just enjoy a perfect cup of coffee in the morning sunlight.

These two Monkey Pod slabs were then sanded on a 52″ wide belt sanding machine while flip/ flopping the slabs to make the tops as flat as a pool table. These two tops were then joined with mechanical fasteners, biscuits and pocket screws to keep the 45 degree miter from moving and growing gaps over the life of the product. Once joined together, the tops were polished to a fine luster by sanding until the wood was perfect.

Since this top is going to get a lot of mileage in the kitchen, I sealed the top with conversion varnish to protect the wood from water rings formed from the ice filled water glasses used in everyday beach living. This finish is thin, protective, and performs its job to protect the wood from water spots.  There is nothing worse than having an inferior finish applied and having to refinish the top every time a water ring is left on the surface. This top is meant to be used and the owner does not have to be hyper-vigilant about its care. Enjoying this eating bar is a breeze and is beautiful the first day as well as 4000 days later.

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