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handmade-furniture-maui-hiBart Builds,  is known for solid wood creations and stately designs and takes a usual technique to modern design. Presenting everything from beds to tables, seating, lamps, and storage, Bart Builds exudes an heirloom superiority in each of their pieces.

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Bart Builds fuses the hard angles of modern design with an innate arrangement of ordinary elements. Designed and manufactured with creativity and fidelity in Maui HI, We are known for heirloom worth solid wood furniture in home hardwoods, and their charming finishes are hand rubbed with natural oils, finished off with Canuba wax. For table tops and eating bars which will see lots of water glasses and adult beverages then we use a catalyst conversion varnish to repel the harsh life that a top like this can receive. This conversion varnish looks great the first day and years later.

At Bart Builds we can build furniture in a spacious, eclectic collection of tastes.

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Every element of Bart Builds is made using only the finest managed raw materials, with many of the styles still being based on genuine designs. Built by hand in our workshops, our skilled craftsmen are continuing the traditions of classic craftsmanship developed in generations gone by.

Custom Handmade Rocking Chair

Custom Made Monkey Pod Rockers

Local specialty woods such as Koa, Mango, Monkey Pod, Milo and others can be specified. The custom pieces made with hard wood frames, each hand-jointed and built to precise specifications.

The completed Bart Builds of Maui HI will give its holder with an peerless degree of comfort and attractiveness attainable only through the finest craftsmanship available.

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  1. John February 5, 2012 1:55 pm

    Can we buff some wood together? 😉

  2. Bart September 13, 2012 12:57 am

    How is one to answer?